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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Mar 13, 2019

THE GANG ARE IN! RED ALERT! THE BATMOBILE IS BREACHED! This Thanksgiving turkey is taking a real basting thanks to the incredible engineers and scientists of the Red Triangle Circus.

Meanwhile, our hero walks into what is clearly a trap. Obviously a trap. Quite impossibly NOT a trap. COME ON, MAN!

Back again and here to disassemble this crime is the fashion-bloggin', song singin', tongue poppin', Bat Minute P.A. herself - it's Lal Gall! Lal is a sister of the night, a bat mother and cat lover so who better to tame this motley crew and crack this case?

The next episode follows on Friday.
Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

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The Bat Minute theme song is by the band Rat Bit Kit and Ash Lerczak (aka Doc Horror) of Zombina & The Skeletones and Double Echo.

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