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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

May 27, 2020

Bruce slips away to change costume once again like he's Marilyn Manson. Most importantly, he's informed Alfred of the IMMINENT DANGER EVERYBODY IS IN!

The bifurcated one must learn patience - Harvey rash move is disrupting the grand plan. Nygma is most displeased! He's going to be even more displeased next, as Batman enters the scene in SMASHING fashion.

Returning to the team and ready to see this case through to The World's End is none other than Scott Carelli, of the humans! There's a reason they call this man 'The King'!

The next episode follows on Friday.
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The Bat Minute theme song is by the band Rat Bit Kit and Ash Lerczak (aka Doc Horror) of Zombina & The Skeletones and Double Echo.


Scott Carelli

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