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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Apr 20, 2020

Things turn a little Sumerian as a Gozer-like energy entity attacks the city! Oh, wait, that's just flying brainwaves? Nothing to see here then, people - move along.

Edward 'Snoke' Nygma sits atop his throne (not made of blood or in a castle of pain) and he is getting smarter before our very eyes!

Dick springs into action and shouts VERY LOUDLY. Way to stay secretive, Mr Grayson.

Joining the investigation is a new pairing, a new partnership - first up we have the Meme Queen herself, Alyson Grimm! Joining her all the way from Wonderfalls is Robert E.G. Black! This duo are here to deal with all the Cock & Bull and to lay the smack down on The Riddler's candy a**.

The next episode follows on Wednesday.
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