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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Apr 1, 2020

The case proceeds and adds in a little danger... BEAR with us, Bee Brethren!

Next up to the stand is one Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE... otherwise known as... STING! The nerve on this guy.

The trial also takes in a made man in the form of Ray Liotta! He may be packin' the sauce, but Ray is about to get Dumbo Dropped on his butt!

Joining the swarm this week are Liverpool's own hive heroes. In the (haunted) honey house is the Skeletone Doc Horror himself, Ash Lerczak! Joining him is rapper, MC, comedy-doing-man and Ewok fan Rikky Wiley. Ash is bringing that original creepy creature chat and Rikky is serving up some dry white rhyme for your delight. Come hear what the buzz is all about!

The next episode follows on Friday.

Start thinking bee!

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The Bee Minute theme song is 'Honey to the Bee' by Billie Piper. Today's closing theme is 'Royal Jelly' by Lovecraft.


Rikky Wiley

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Ash Lerczak

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