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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Aug 21, 2019

Your Patience has been rewarded once more... PART DEUX is now! What a purrfect time.

The Bat Minute crew are not contained by the rules of society. They follow their own desires and release schedules. This is both a blessing and a curse. Fans often want episodes immediately, but the team will experience a freedom other podcasts will never know - the ability to drop hiatus projects whenever they please, regardless.

Re-joining our descent into cinematic depths are the Meme... sorry, MEAN Girls - it's Alyson Grimm and Liz Whitaker! So fetch!

To live a life untamed and unafraid is the gift that this team have been given. However, their journey together ends here... for now.

The next episode follows... soon.
Same Bat Pod, different Bat Minute!

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The Bat Minute theme song is by the band Rat Bit Kit and Ash Lerczak (aka Doc Horror) of Zombina & The Skeletones and Double Echo.

Alyson Grimm

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Liz Whitaker

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