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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Dec 9, 2019

Your arbiters of true justice are here to dispense the judgement of fate upon the populace - YOU GOOD PEOPLE!

What controls it all? It's blind, stupid, simple, doo-dah... clueless luck!

The only hope for this security guard? The Bat himself.

Joining the investigation are quite the dynamic duo - first we have the master...

Dec 6, 2019

If you like driving, boy do we got driving today! Wobbly cars galore! Where my gear heads at?

Billy Dee is back on the scene in the role of Harvey De... wait... hold on... I'm hearing over my earpiece that this is not the case. William December Williams is not in the building, folks. We might as well all head home.


Dec 4, 2019

Our Bat Boys get suited and booted today as we're already right into the action! This ain't your momma's Batman.

As our hero goes all Commando on us (the movie, not the other thing!) we catch our first glimpse of a magnificent new motorcar and hear all about Batman's dinner plans. Vital info, guys.

The next episode...

Dec 2, 2019

We're like a growing addiction that you can't deny...

That's right - Bat Minute is back! BAT MINUTE IS FOREVER!

Some things have changed, while others remain the same. Bruce might look a little different, but no matter what changes we've been through Jon and Niall are here to hold you, thrill you, kiss you and kill...