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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Jan 17, 2020

Edward is going to show Bruce! He's gonna show that it works, damn it! First, it's time to go Full Carrey...

Begley is back! But caffeine'll kill 'im! Or will THE DEVICE?!?!? IT'S A FISH FRENZY!

Returning to finish up her investigation is the Cabin Queen, the Ace of Snakes - it's Molly Bailen! Those Crazies'll kill you...

Jan 15, 2020

Chase knows that Bats likes a strong woman - but does she need to WHIP out a new costume for total seduction?

Gordon bursts onto the scene, pyjama-clad! We're getting hot under the collar here!

The Bat has been blocked - time to blow this popsicle stand!

Returning to the investigation is Molly Bailen! Our Sister...

Jan 13, 2020

The Bat Signal is NOT a beeper! But how exactly do you get in touch for a Batman booty call anyway? Chase's interest here sure isn't professional! IT'S PEC TIME!

Shouldn't she go for a Robin instead?

Joining the investigation via glider, taking time out from her daring Escape(s) from both cities and woods, is none other...