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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Nov 29, 2021

Ivy thinks that men are rather absurd creatures. Is she wrong? She IS to die for, after all!

The Riddler and Two-Face make a return to the franchise! IN A WAY?!?!? Impressive. Most impressive...

Joining the investigation in divine style is none other than Father David Mowry! Backing him up in this Next Scene are...

Nov 26, 2021

Freeze continues his little craft lesson. Following a YouTube tutorial or something I guess, 'The Lighthouse' style.

Our Icehead has a visitor... sister? SISTER?!?!? Regardless, he's feeling blue no more, that's for sure... and these guards are about to feel the heat!

Taking a final crack at this case are Duncan Shields...

Nov 24, 2021

Barbara continues to be a little ignorant of Dick’s distress... but she drops a bombshell of her own - her own distress, her own pain. Alfred is sick and it's no bull - Bruce can tell.

After pondering this sad moment we then cut back to Arkham and Mr Freeze appears to be whittling some kind of a… doll? A human?...

Nov 22, 2021

Dick wants to know how long Barb has been racing. She ain’t no noob, man... but you wouldn't understand!

Things get a little 'Depeche Mode' as our Oxbridge lass makes this all about a 'Master and Servant'!

Joining the investigation this week are the supreme beings, so they're not entirely dim - it's Duncan Shields and...