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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Dec 29, 2017

Bruce describes the normal day-to-day of a normal person. Riveting stuff. Still, he's finally going to tell her! It's here! It's happening!


What will Bruce do? He was so close!

On her final tour of duty with the Bat Gang is film maker Stephanie Palacino! You may...

Dec 27, 2017

Bruce gets physical! But not in the 'cool' way! He even tells Vicki to keep it shut her trap!

His excuse? He's finally going to tell her about his evening activities! That's SOMETHING, I guess...

Vicki's conclusion? This guy has a wife, for sure!

Back again to help crack this case is film maker Stephanie Palacino! Known...

Dec 25, 2017


As Master Wayne sips his tea (Assam?) a plan forms: he WILL go to see Vicki in her hideous apartment and he WILL win her back... kind of.

Vicki's response is a much deserved rant at Bruce - this guy has been driving her batty!

Will he reveal all? Will he explain the lies? THE TENSION...

Dec 22, 2017

The news is out - the combinations revealed! Will we finally see the back of this squalor?

#Boker watch on and ol' Napes names his pain with flair (or should that be flare?). It is of the... winged variety.

Bruce and Alfred enjoy an extremely British cup of tea...

Phil Dragash of The Matrix Minute podcast is back one...

Dec 20, 2017

A swirl, a flurry, a fade to black... and all of a sudden, Vicki opens her eyes in her absolutely hideous bedroom. Captain Chloroform has struck! And stolen from Ms Vale!

Knox is now Allie and he accepts Vicki's offer of a hot story for tonight's paper.

We end with the beginning of the musical 'Newsies'.

Today's Special...