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Bat Minute - A movies by minutes podcast

Jun 30, 2021

We enter the Gotham Museum of Art... and entering into THAT is none other than FRRRREEEEEZZZZZEEEEE. Learn that name well. It's ice to see you, but will you be granted meeeeaaaaarrrrrccccyyyy?

Continuing with the investigation is The Best Man himself - it's none other than Superbad Gaz Flint!

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Jun 28, 2021

It's Redbird time! Apparently this is a thing - who knew?!?!?

The most upsetting thing in the entire Batman franchise falls upon us this minute as Alfred has to cancel the pizza. Press F.

Our heroes have their mission, however - and it's a COOL one indeed!

Joining the investigation is a man who shows cero miedo -...

Jun 27, 2021

Can we get that pants money now, please?

Jun 25, 2021

Doc Brown's Batmobile is ready to roll! Robin relishes this - after all, chicks DIG the car!

Sassy Alfred has a sly little dig at our heroes for being SO DAMN DESTRUCTIVE!

The next episode follows on Monday.
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